Tuition 2014-15

Undergraduate Student Tuition


1-12 quarter hours
13-16 quarter hours
More than 16 quarter hours
$660 per quarter hour
$8,432 per quarter
$560 per additional quarter hour

Student Missionary Tuition

$25 for 12 credits per quarter. All eligible students who participate in the Christian Service Volunteer program through the Chaplain's Office will be registered full-time for WWU's Experiential Program, SMTF 100, provided they have received financial clearance from Student Financial Services. Registration cannot be retroactive. For more information on eligibility to participate in this program, contact either Campus Ministries or Student Financial Services.

Graduate Student Tuition

$570 per quarter hour


Extension Tuition

Full-time teachers employed within driving distance of Walla Walla University may enroll for one class per quarter. Acceptance into the Graduate Education Program and a copy of the school district's contract are required to qualify for the tuition rate of 55 percent of undergraduate tuition. The balance of the tuition charge must be paid at the time of registration.

Senior Citizen Discounted Tuition
The Senior Citizen Class Visitor Program (non-degree seeking) makes it possible for students who are 65 or more years of age to take advantage of the following reduced tuition rates:


To take up to a 4 hour class for credit^
To sit in on a class*^
one half the regular tuition rate
$185 per quarter


* Permission of the instructor is required.

^ Class or lab fees are the responsibility of the student.

General Fee

$190 per quarter

All tuition paying undergraduate students registered for 6 or more hours are required to pay this fee. Taskforce, Student Missionaries and ACA students will be exempt. Besides covering the cost of housing club dues, internet access while on campus, printing the first 100 pages in computer labs, access to the library, gym, and pool, and new technology for classrooms, etc., the General Fee now includes the former ASWWU Dues which provides for student publications and membership in Associated Students of Walla Walla University (ASWWU).

Students who are charged the General Fee for less than three quarters will need to pay an additional fee if they wish to receive the yearbook. Graduate students and others who are exempt from paying the General Fee may purchase student publications for prices set by the ASWUU editors.

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