Insurance 2014-15


All enrolled, tuition-paying graduate and undergraduate WWU students and students in the summer work program are covered by Walla Walla University's Student Accident Insurance Policy, with a maximum coverage of $3,000 per occurrence. This covers most accidents occurring on campus and at campus-owned housing during the school year or term for which they are enrolled.  It does not cover accidents occurring off-campus, with the exception of university sponsored activities.  With prior financial arrangements, Task Force Workers may purchase this insurance coverage, but it is not offered to student missionaries or students in Adventist Colleges Abroad.

On Call International (OCI), a service of global emergency medical services for students traveling more than 100 miles from their permanent residence or campus location, is also included in the Accident insurance coverage for all enrolled, tuition-paying graduate and undergraduate WWU students and students participating in the summer work program, and for TaskForce workers who have purchased the Student Accident Insurance coverage. Student Missionaries and students in the Adventist Colleges Abroad are ineligible for coverage. Please call Campus Heath & Wellness at (509) 527-2425

Mandatory Student Health Insurance

Walla Walla University requires that all enrolled, tuition paying undergraduate students taking 6 or more credit hours have medical insurance coverage while attending the University.  Students are required to show proof of adequate coverage or they are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan.

The 2014-15 Student Health Insurance Plan is designed to meet Patient Protection and Affordable Care Ave (PPACA) requirements effective for 2014-15.  The Insurance maximum coverage has increased from $500,000 to unlimited per year and the pre-existing condition exclusions have been removed. The Annual cost of the insurance for 2014-15 is $2,094. The cost of this non-refundable policy may be charged to the student's account and paid over three payments during the quarter. Students will be charged a prorated amount depending on their initial quarter of enrollment. U.S. citizens living in the U.S. with an approved Health Insurance Waiver (form available from their myWWU account) can be waived out of the WWU Student Health Insurance Plan.

For more information on coverage and claims or to request a brochure outlining benefits, please contact campus Health and Wellness at (509)-527-2425

(Students attending the Billings, Missoula, Portland, or Rosario campus should contact their campus office for more information.)

International Students

WWU requires all international undergraduate and graduate students, including Canadians, to purchase the Walla Walla University Mandatory Student Health insurance Plan. Please refer to the Mandatory Student Health Insurance section of this bulletin for additional information.

For information on coverage and claims or to request a brochure outlining benefits, please contact Campus Health & Wellness at (509) 527-2425.

Personal Property Insurance

Walla Walla University is not responsible for loss of personal property. Students are encouraged to carry their own insurance for coverage of personal belongings.

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