Cafeteria Expenses 2013-14

At registration, students living in residence halls are able to select from the following buffet-style, all-you-can-eat meal plans.

  Meals Per Week Cost Per Quarter
Platinum 19 $990
Platinum Flex 15 + $150 Flex Per Qtr.$990
Gold 15 $870
Gold Flex 12 + $100 Flex Per Qtr.$870
Silver 8 $745
Silver Flex 6 + $75 Flex Per Qtr. $745


The Gold Flex Plan is the default meal plan, but students may change their meal plan within the first 10 days of a quarter. Meals do not carry over from week to week and must be eaten in the cafeteria – there are no “to-go” trays.

Flex dollars work like a pre-paid debit card and are extra dollars that can be used throughout the quarter in the cafeteria or Student-Association Center (SAC). A Student can also cave them up just in case they run out of meals in the selected Plan. The SAC takes either cash or Flex dollars. Flex dollars do carry over from week to week, but not from one quarter to another. Should a student use all their Flex dollars before the end of the quarter, they are able to purchase more at a discounted rate or continue a dollar for dollar purchase that will be added to their bill at the end of the quarter.

Students can only use one of their meals at each meal time. Additional meals at the same meal time are counted as guests.

Village students may select a meal plan or pay for purchases with their ID card, cash, or a credit card. Should they purchase $50 of Flex dollars, they will be given a $60 credit.

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Last update on June 17, 2013