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Pottery class, 1996? [8 views] 1969-1970 aerial photo of campus. Buildings seen: Rogers Elementary School, College church, WEC, Columbia Auditorium, Kretschmar Hall, Fine Arts Center, Administration Building, Library, Power house, Sittner Hall, Rigby Hall, Smith Hall, Village Hall, Conard Hall, Kellogg Hall [5 views] Male [8 views] 1965-1967 Aerial photo of campus. Buildings seen: Rigby Hall, Smith Hall, Library, Administration Building, Columbia Auditorium, Conard Hall [7 views]  [7 views]  [6 views]  [6 views] Man standing in front of his home. July 7 [7 views] Pre-1965 aerial photo of campus, the college from the west. Buildings seen: West Hall, Conard Hall, Administration Building, Library, Bowers Hall, Davis Elementary School. [14 views] Milton Academy Faculty. [9 views] Messengers, March [10 views] Student playing the flute and oboe. [8 views] November [7 views]  [5 views] Group photo in front of Village Hall, Walla Walla College opening. [9 views] Student with many objects. Student Affairs Placement Bureau. [2 views] Old Conard Building [10 views] Graduation (in the background is Kretschmar Hall) [14 views] Ladies talking in their dorm room. [6 views] Woman handing out books. Possible worship service?? [8 views] Two men in Fine Arts Center [8 views] Presentation of Honorary Doctorate. [5 views] Norwood presented Honorary Doctorate at graduation. [7 views] Graduation [3 views] Graduation [4 views] Art, 1986-1987 Bulletin [5 views] Art, 1986-1987 Bulletin [5 views] Teacher helping students in art class. [6 views] Pottery class [4 views] Rosario Beach [5 views]
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