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A group of cyclists out for a ride. [6 views] A male student studies near fountain next to the Fine Arts Center. [4 views] Male students living in the dorm play basketball against male students living in village housing. [3 views] Girls dorm basketball team have a team huddle. [3 views] A male softball player looks to throw the ball to a teammate. [2 views] A male student prepares to hit the ball. [3 views] Wolves hockey game. [2 views] Wolves hockey game. [3 views] Wolves hockey game. [1 views] Male student jumps to block at the net during a volleyball game. [3 views] Friends sign the wall in the bell tower on Homecoming Weekend 2014. [5 views] Male student bumps a volleyball. [3 views] A male student sends a spike over the volleyball net. [3 views] Male students play a flag football intramural game. [2 views] A male student jumps up to spike a volleyball at the net. [3 views] Female students perform gymnastics. [5 views] A male student during a flag football game. [2 views] Flag football team gathered in a team huddle. [2 views] Male students playing flag football. [2 views] Fans watch a player spike the ball at a women's volleyball game. [3 views] Female volleyball players high-five their teammates. [3 views] Group photo at the 10th annual F.C.A. Power Volleyball Classic sponsored by WW General Hospital Physical Therapy. [3 views] Female student bumps a volleyball. [3 views] The lady Wolves look to score during a basketball game against the Wildcats. [2 views] The lady Wolves try to get the ball around a block during a basketball game. [2 views] A female basketball player goes up for a layup. [2 views] A male student is tackled during the OPS mud bowl. [2 views] A sign states, "no holds". [6 views] A man delivers a presentation. [7 views] A female student holds up a Mask form. Photo taken in between 1996-1997. [4 views]
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