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Booths set up in the lawn in front of Kretschmar and the Chan Shun Pavilion. [3 views] Students walk across in the street in the direction of the cafeteria. [6 views] A male student studies a book while laying in the grass. [5 views] The President addressing the crowd at graduation. [5 views] A woman colors a picture with a younger student. [5 views] A group of students pose together in costume. [6 views] A male student wearing a tall Dr. Seuss hat sits next to a female student. [3 views] Committee of 100 members. Published in Summer 2001 Westwind. Rosario Marine Station. [2 views] Pep band on stage. [3 views] Female students paint in the art room. [1 views] Ladies set down at the dinner table for home economics. [2 views]  [5 views] A panorama of the Normal Building (Conference office), the Administration Building, and the Sanitarium.  After 1920 [3 views] The gymnasium Columbia Auditorium [3 views] Early laundry. [4 views] Kretschmar Hall dedication. [4 views] Pupils at Walla Walla. Photo taken in-between 1923-1924. [2 views] Students sit at Physics laboratory stations. [3 views] The Administration Building. [2 views] Dorm Boys. [5 views] A girl's room. [2 views] Social work homeless sleep out. [3 views] Social work. [3 views] Social work. [2 views] Social work. Blowing bubbles. Photo taken February 16th [3 views] Cradle roll. [3 views] Chemistry/Biology reunion supper during the 1996 Alumni Homecoming Weekend. [3 views] Engineering office. [3 views] Chan Shun Pavilion construction. [2 views] Ground breaking of the Chan Shun Complex. [4 views]
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