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Sorting through items on Service Day [6 views] Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory [5 views] Collecting specimens at Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory [9 views] A student points out something at Rosario Marine Research Laboratory [9 views] In the Student Association Center during the "Adopt-A-Child Christmas Party" [6 views] Lady holds a baby [6 views] Sociology, Social Work [7 views] Playing a ticking game [6 views]  [8 views]  [14 views] Library Director [10 views] Professor of Art [4 views] A group of men gather around a welding machine [5 views] At an ice cream shop [5 views] Kids at a bake sale [5 views] Three ladies using a mimeograph machine [4 views] A lady and a man shake hands [8 views] Outdoor group photo of AGA officers. [9 views] Speaker at graduation. [10 views] One female and one male student perform on stage. The students are dressed in costumes. [16 views] A female student performs song on the harp. [6 views] Male students congratulate each other during a fall quarter flag football intramural game. [8 views] The choir performs song in candle light. [7 views] A woman buys some buttermilk at the College Dairy Snack Bar [7 views] A family poses in Kretschmar Hall. [14 views]  [12 views] A woman takes freshly baked food out of an oven. [5 views] Two students in a science laboratory. [14 views] Students in a chemistry laboratory. [7 views] A group of men singing on stage [5 views]
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