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Students play around in the gym. [1 views] Four female students pose for a group picture. [2 views] A man watches intently. [1 views] Students gathered outdoors. [1 views] Students in the bleachers. [1 views] Students rest on the lawn outdoors. [1 views] A couple of students hug on the lawn outdoors. [1 views] A group of female basketball players. [1 views] Two female students walk under a tunnel made by their friends. [1 views] Three girls sit outside on the grass. [1 views] The hockey team brings it in for a group huddle on the ice during a game. [1 views] A couple of students give a thumbs up. [1 views] Students look at programs for The 1997 Can Am Game. [1 views] A male student plays on a drum set. [1 views] Students recline on the grass. [1 views] A girl holds playing cards in her hand. [1 views] A child eats sits eating a lollipop. [1 views] Students snowshoeing. [1 views] A girl jumps up to catch a frisbee between her hands. [1 views] Students on the bleachers cheer. [1 views] A male student makes a face. [2 views] Members of the lady's basketball team cheer from the sidelines. [1 views] A male student looks at a book in the library. [1 views] Two hockey players talk on the ice. [1 views] Two guys sit outside eating pizza. [1 views] Hands rest on top of a globe. [2 views] Hands interlocked on top of a globe. [2 views] Hands circle the globe. [2 views] A couple of children color and cut paper. [1 views]  [2 views]
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