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A male and female student have a discussion during lab. [2 views] A band performs in the church. [2 views] A female student records observations in lab. [2 views] A female student climbs on the rock wall. [2 views] Male students trying to score a touchdown in the OPS mud bowl. [2 views] A male student kicks off in a flag football game. [1 views] A player goes flying after a big hit during a hockey game. [1 views] Two female students eat bread inside of their Conard dorm room. [3 views] Male students try to get control of the ball during a floor hockey game. [1 views] A male biker focuses on landing a jump on his mountain bike. [2 views] A man paints the foundation of a house white with a paint brush. [3 views] A male student runs the football during a flag football game. [1 views] Members of a group photo glance at each. [4 views] Three students look down to the Sittner boy's dorm lobby. [2 views] Students take a group photo while snowshoeing. [2 views] Female students take a team photo after winning the flag football intramurals championship game. [2 views] Observers look at the "Billy Budd" statue, created by Tom Emmerson, in the Fine Arts Center.  It is now in front of the library [2 views] Reading the book of Daniel by candle light. [2 views] Photo for Our Mission Bulletin. [2 views] A female student digs in the dirt below a rose bush. [2 views] President in his office. [5 views] Students experiment in lab. [2 views] A male student strikes a thoughtful pose while sitting in a chair on the lawn. [2 views] Hockey players try to get the puck to score a goal. [1 views] Two women sit outside on folding lawn chairs as they finish their meal. [4 views] A photo of a map, passports, and letters. [2 views] Two male student show their musical talent by singing and playing instruments on stage. [2 views] A male student plays a beat on a drum set. [3 views] Two male students show their musical talents by performing up front. [1 views]  [2 views]
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