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Students work in the computer lab. [97 views] Students walking across the lawn between Conard and the cafeteria.  1990s [1079 views] An outdoor picnic for students. [848 views] A discussion between students and perhaps a teacher. [662 views] Students at the entrance of the Administration Building. [711 views] Students sitting on the lawn. 1980's [748 views] Two students chat on the stairs. [879 views] A group of students getting together to eat. [671 views] A teacher and her students. [733 views] Ken and Rhonda laughing at something beyond the camera's view. [684 views] Young men relaxing after classes. [719 views] Students working in a lab. [658 views] A group of students heading toward Sittner Hall, side entrance. [800 views] A group of students at a college event. [544 views] Students exiting the Administration Building. [500 views] Two people unloading a car. [832 views] Students. [711 views] Sleeping on the floor while on a trip. [655 views] A couple sleeping on a bus. [576 views] A student meeting. [652 views] Students in class. [866 views] Two students passing on steps behind the library. [524 views] Students taking a test in Columbia Auditorium. [721 views] Students in a ski lodge? [731 views] Students leading a song service. [673 views] Students painting a building on campus. [547 views] Student hiking. [586 views] Student sick in bed in their room. [404 views] View of the front doors of the Administration Building with the kiosk in the background. [448 views] Lower level of Administration Building. [640 views]
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