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Various Locations

Pictures from outside of the Walla Walla Valley

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An old windmill in a nearby field. 1975 Mountain Ash, back cover and page 13. [1598 views] A carousel. [1557 views] Architecture photographed off campus. [1484 views] Another scene from college housing? [1051 views] A sign for the Anthony Lakes Ski School. [1050 views] A partial view of Sutherlin Valley Oregon. [1518 views] View of the valley from St. Helena Sanitarium California [1389 views] A picture of a clown in Girhadelli Square taken by a student. [1413 views] Yakima School Primary classroom grades 1-4. [1513 views] Wenatchee Intermediate Church School. [1568 views] Stained glass window. [1412 views] A baby's tombstone. [1227 views] Double exposure. Parliament Building, Victoria, B.C. [1233 views] The Gastown steam clock in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. [1362 views] Bronze sculpture. [1444 views] View of building from across an icy river. [1307 views] Terrace hot spring pools at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. [1441 views] A marketplace full of people [1469 views] A photo of a small community? [749 views] The Center for Sharing in downtown Walla Walla. [945 views] Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen [1599 views] A grain elevator along the side of the highway. [1015 views] Grand Opening of the Olive Branch? Restaurant.  November [864 views] New York [635 views] Panoramic of spring or summer in a nice town (not College Place).  Date was given as 1905-06. [744 views] Scenic view through a V-shaped tree. [1138 views] Large hole filled with water. [799 views] Scenic mountain picture. [1097 views] Group of people climbing Mt. Rainier. [433 views] Monuments in a cemetery.  Man standing behind center headstone.  Autumn [809 views]
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WWU Archives Digital Photo Collection : Various Locations

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