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A man carrying his organ on his back. 1975 Mountain Ash, page 50. [1155 views] A hot water dispenser. [748 views] A tipped over salt shaker. [272 views] The lid of a salt shaker. [286 views] A swing and a bicycle helmet on the ground. [876 views] A creative knee patch. [268 views] A pin and flag for McGovern [675 views] A pan of Christmas cookies. Found on page 163 in the 1978-79 Mountain Ash. [774 views] A shelf full of books about calories. [511 views] Three salt shakers. [590 views] A jack-o-lantern. [465 views] Tipped over salt shakers [252 views] A table full of food. [370 views] Friden STW-10 (a mechanical calculator), which was manufactured from 1949 to 1966. [1520 views] A Mickey Mouse clock. Found on page 5 of the 1978-79 Mountain Ash. [608 views] A set of model teeth bite into some celery. [1650 views] A tee-shirt encouraging its viewers to vote. [379 views] A bathtub is a cozy place for toes. [577 views] A faucet and sink with water dripping [261 views] A typed manuscript with editing marks. [236 views] A fly on a stained glass window possibly in Village Hall. [503 views] A mailbox. [751 views] Bread, Rolaids, Honey and Excedrin. [618 views] Two people pouring rubber cement onto a page.  1970s [819 views] A display of books and flags informing readers that the president really does care. [1247 views] Mr. Stephen Schiller's luggage, bearing a Qantas tag. [1184 views] Store front window. [1052 views] Sign. [1110 views] Weigh scale. [1238 views]
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