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Photograph of some undated mascots of WWC taken for use in an article in Winter 2009 Westwind.  The goat has the greek letters for OPS on it's cape.  Both stuffed animals were donated by Ione Morgan.  The letter was donated by George W. Bowers. [261 views] bedroom [258 views]  [316 views] Christmas tree [372 views] Camping [356 views] Signed boat or canoe, March. [128 views] The USS Bennett, March. [151 views] Walla Walla College sign holding up a canoe, March. [142 views] Signed canoe or boat, March. [141 views] Science lab, February 6. [142 views] The Atlas coffee shop with Christmas cheer in December [213 views] Freewater peaches. Taken between late 1890s to 1910. [106 views] An Indian wedding. Taken between 1920 and 1940. [68 views] The Petersons travel abroad. Taken between 1910 and 1930. [69 views] Photo of a book entitled "The Holy Land". [107 views] Books on a bookcase. [171 views] Glasses of Martinelli's are served. [26 views] Reading the book of Daniel by candle light. [19 views] Photo for Our Mission Bulletin. [22 views] A photo of a map, passports, and letters. [26 views] Employee wellness. [35 views]
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