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clock, 531 and a half [527 views] inkblot [450 views] Plaque for Camp Fire Troop 34 [424 views] Photo of a pair of glasses and some early childhood books on a table [334 views] "Turn of the Century" promotional picture [440 views] Inscription in tree  "When the student is eagerly seeking knowledge of everything but his Bible, Christ comes as a thief." The Desire of Ages. [403 views] Operation Bear Hug logo.  Oregon Conference of SDAs logo for reaching out to Russia after the Iron Curtain fell. [345 views] "Spirit of Excellence" logo from the 1980s [379 views] One of several bulletin boards placed by Dean Walt Meske to allow students to express their opinions on the Persian Gulf War. "Death Be Not Proud."  Early 1990s [453 views] Mr. Christensen's boat tied up a long side a scow, delivering fish to the scow. [388 views] An unidentified pair of feet. [436 views] Small windmill and pitchfork [284 views] Potatos and salt (salt both in the container and in a loose pile) [362 views] Michael Howards Marine Corps Uniform [426 views] Money.  $20 and $5 bills [402 views] Marcus Whitman Statue [309 views] Persian Gulf War Memorial.  Early 1990s [423 views] Promotional poster. [439 views] WWU seal [404 views] Person holding a Bible opened to Ecclesiastes, with Chapter 12, verses 1 & 2 highlighted: "Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth..." [326 views] telephone [328 views]  [284 views] Feet [283 views] assortment of things on a desk including a globe with a graduate cap, a shoe, and other things [338 views] Name change CommUnity, September 25th [252 views] Dan Evans sticker.  Dan Evans was governor of the state of Washington from 1965 to 1977. [235 views] Bare feet in the mud, Jan. 16 [213 views] Feet in sneakers [234 views] Dan Evans sticker [245 views]
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