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A view of Howard Gimbel's academic record. [1305 views] A fire hydrant: "The Corey." [1392 views] A loaded van of a coming or going student. [922 views] When homework becomes menacing.  1975 Mountain Ash p. 129. Illustration for essay "The Greek Student." [1274 views] The seat of a wooden chair on campus. [639 views] A torn screen on a window. [939 views] A shelves full of French books. [903 views] A pinning ceremony or a drama production? [1101 views] A photo regarding college and marriage. [1142 views] A photo regarding graduation. [909 views] A clock reading 6:16 [653 views] A preliminary plaque for the Century Club.  It reads: "John M. Doe member Walla Walla College Century Club" [1129 views] Peace sign with the Administration building in the background. [1802 views] A doll with masks and a phonograph [1129 views] A hook on a brick wall, possibly somewhere on campus. [1312 views] Mowing the lawn from the perspective of the mower. [1152 views] A light on campus. 1975 Mountain Ash, page 11. [1607 views] A statue of a man sitting with a cane. [1186 views] Clothes on top of a Westinghouse dryer. [1073 views] Muddy footprints on a tile floor. [2217 views] An Associated Press teletype machine. [1062 views] An elephant statue. The plaque reads: "TO W.W.C. ALUMNI CENTER FROM BOB & TREVA BURGESS (CLASS OF 50) BETH & MARLOW HOPEFULLY (74 & 78) MISSIONARIES TO SOUTHERN ASIA DIVISION 1955-1961 FAR EASTERN DIVISION 67-" [1767 views] A car antenna? [1194 views] A wall with a wet spot [1030 views] Glasses on a table. [1214 views] Peanuts. [605 views] A still life portrait. [1201 views] Smashing something onto a wall [1222 views] Turning the alarm off for a few more minutes of sleep. [860 views] A woman's hands holding glasses. [889 views]
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