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This WWC horse-drawn carriage holds about 10 people. [1862 views] Horse-drawn carriage traveling around WWC in summer. [1808 views] A sleigh ride in the snow in front of the Administration building; pre-1919. [1511 views] The College Dairy "Grade A Products" car. [1984 views] Possibly when the Committee of 100 gave a Blue Bird bus to WWC.  1970s [1527 views] 1952 Dodge in front of the Armstrong home. [1816 views] A man making deliveries in the college hack, the only form of transportation at the college for several years.  He is paused in front of the College Store. [1545 views] A sports car, Datsun 280zx, outside Bowers Hall. [2467 views] The fun things photography can do with a van. [1625 views] A car. [1455 views] A group of students or staff in an automobile. [1382 views] A young man looks at an old car. [1454 views] Car headlight with snow on it. [1472 views] Photographic effect elongating a car. [1376 views] Smashed up car beside Sittner Hall. [1547 views] An Amphicar, built in Germany by the IWKA Corporation 1961-1965. [1702 views] Walla Walla College bus "Blue Bird" [1336 views] Car loaded to head home. [1454 views] Students use a golf cart as a means of transportation around campus. 1998-1999. [207 views] Golf cart for disabled students [1128 views] Golf cart for disabled students [1116 views] Golf cart for disabled students [1134 views] 1990 gift of a Walla Walla College bus The President accepts the gift of a new bus ("Miss Daisy") from the Committee of 100 President. [1080 views] Three snowmobiles, Mt. Ellis, MV Weekend, 1974-1975 [821 views] Snowmobiling [1037 views] Somewhere in the early to mid 1900's. [1026 views] Team and Wagon [860 views] A Porsche wheel [685 views] Group standing on a flatbed train car.  Dated about the about the turn of the 20th century. [701 views]
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