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Student Missions

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Hitting a pinata at a Christmas party given for migrant children. [1041 views] The WWC Missionary Volunteer Society.  Pre-1920 because this is the original Administration building in the background. [937 views] The Missionary Volunteer Society officers in front of the church (Village Hall). [830 views] A photo of student missionaries in Australia in the early 1900's.  This print was given to President Shephard by Beatrice Luther in 1967. [1124 views] A map of student missionary locations. [749 views] Possibly another map of student mission areas. [895 views] Photo of patient being offloaded from a Noka for admission to the Gopalganj Mission Hospital in Bangladesh 1972/73 [958 views] Student Missionaries. [837 views] Student missionaries Keith Canwell and Ron Wilkinson served in Bangladesh in 1972-73.  Here Canwell plays the guitar for a group of children. [1206 views] Lester's Student Missionaries who served in Alaska with their items gotten while away. [993 views] A student writes a message to a student missionary in the hall of the Administration Building. [953 views] Write to a student missionary today. [855 views] School children in Micronesia somewhere. [122 views] Showing some items brought back by student missionaries. [541 views] Student Missionary Banquet in May [681 views] Student Missionary Banquet in MAy [698 views] Missionary Volunteers Special Valentine Supper [914 views] Missionary Volunteers Activities, talking with Upper Columbia Academy students during MV weekend [851 views] Bible Conference, Missionary Volunteers Activities.  February. [973 views] Missionary Volunteers Activities [866 views] Service Day [808 views] Raking for Service Day [705 views] Missionary Volunteer Department [781 views] Student Missionaries.  Spring [376 views] Student Missionaries in May [346 views] Student Missionary Bake Sale in May [366 views] Writing to Student Missionaries in February [888 views] Campus Ministries Staff [832 views] Student Missionary Retreat at Camp Wooten [809 views] During a special mission pageant on December 5th, Elder W. B. Ammundsen, a retired missionary to the Philippines, presented the Missionary Volunteer torch to the senior class president. [262 views]
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