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Members of a visiting basketball team walk in front of the university church. 1998-1999. [148 views] Double exposure of a tumbler doing a flip on a trampoline with a basketball game in the background in Columbia Auditorium. [926 views] Two students playing ping pong. [751 views] A student bowling. [651 views] Students ice skating on Blalock Pond. [788 views] Students skating on a frozen pond. [672 views] A physical fitness class in the old gym [738 views] A student faces the challenge of the climbing wall. [792 views] Skydiving. [821 views] Weightlifting at WWC. [839 views] Weightlifting. [723 views] Working out in the gym lifting weights [458 views] Playing a game of roller hockey outside Rigby Hall.  1990s? [1049 views] A man preps his hang glider for flight. [618 views] A student enjoying a backpacking trip. [564 views] A player lacing up his cleats in preparation for a game. [640 views] Archery [772 views] Weight Room in January [683 views] Weight room in February [742 views] Weight room in January [484 views] Ping-Pong and Foosball tables in the WEC [693 views] Lifting weights in the weight room in January [681 views] Lifting weights in the weight room in January [723 views] Lifting weights in the weight room in January [757 views] Girl working out in the weight room in September [448 views] Wand Drill. For a number of years, regimented gymnasium exercises were preferred over outdoor sports. Physical education teacher led this wand drill in 1922. [561 views] Fencing [587 views] Weight lifting [387 views] A lone runner follows up the OPS Norman Shorts off II Event on January 20th [445 views] Interstate Marathon Lunch [418 views]
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