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Sanitarium. [717 views] Sanitarium. [612 views] The Walla Walla Sanitarium [974 views] Sanitarium. [573 views] Sanitarium. [553 views] Sanitarium to the left. [607 views] The Sanitarium. [694 views] The Sanitarium. [492 views] Sanitarium with possible workers outside.  Pre-1919 fire Administration Building in the background. [261 views] Sanitarium [747 views] Sanitarium.  In 1906 the Walla Walla Sanitarium purchased the old College Place public school and moved it onto the College campus.  It was then remodeled into a three-story building that stood until fire destroyed it in 1933. [542 views] Sanitarium [439 views] Sanitarium on stilts [536 views] Nurses at Sanitarium [495 views] Walla Walla Sanitarium [566 views] Enlarged sanitarium [369 views] Enlarged sanitarium [413 views] Old Sanitarium [411 views] Walla Walla Sanitarium [329 views] People relaxing outside of the Sanitarium. Taken between 1920 and 1940. [153 views] Walla Walla Sanitarium. Taken between 1910 and 1930. [131 views]

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