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Rosario Marine Biology Station

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Inspecting a rock at Rosario Beach [311 views] Tidying up the cabin at Rosario Marine Station. July 20th. [334 views] Looking out across the bay at 10:45 p.m. [434 views] Rosario Beach WWC Marine Station [309 views] Rosario Beach WWC Marine Station [353 views] Sailboats at Rosario Marine Station. [302 views] Research biologist, at Rosario. [392 views] water and shoerline [376 views] Rosario [344 views] Superintendent, Omega Corporation, and Director of Biology Station at Rosario. [310 views] Threading pipe, at Rosario. [262 views] Rosario [266 views] Ted Stentzel retired plumber from Spokane installing the plumbing.  At Rosario [280 views] Clean up detail at Rosario [281 views] Walls up at Rosario [285 views] Plumbers working at Rosario [296 views] Pouring footing at Rosario [283 views] Beams going up at Rosario [486 views] Bending Construction Steel at Rosario [274 views] Construction begins at Rosario [278 views] Salt water tanks at Rosario [255 views] Work detail on the Noctiluca at Rosario [279 views] WWC students on the floating classroom, E. S. Booth [281 views] Scuba divers coming in at Rosario [268 views] Scuba diving for specimens at Rosario [272 views] Rosario area.  Deception Pass bridge [304 views] Sorting specimens at Rosario [283 views] Field trip at Rosario looking for specimens [285 views] at Rosario [268 views] Vespers at Rosario [326 views]
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