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Rosario Marine Biology Station

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Rosario around the 1950's. [1057 views] Two Biology students study animal species at Rosario Marine Station. [942 views] A young man standing on a boat (possibly at Rosario?). [946 views] Sign for a private beach, possibly at Rosario [433 views] Larry McCloskey showing Dr. Clifford Sorensen around Rosario Marine Station. The Ernest S. Booth lab on the right was built during the summer of 1974. Dr. Sorensen became president of WWC in 1976. [1062 views] The Noctiluca, a 35 ft converted fishing boat. It was outfitted for dredging and taking samples of sea water. This work was done about 1967. [1024 views] Studying a starfish at Rosario Marine Station [965 views] Students studying in the library at Rosario Marine Biology station. [887 views] The E.S. Booth carries the name of the professor who established the graduate biology program and obtained the Rosario Beach property. [973 views] Boat at Rosario Beach Marine Station. [1007 views] Stacked pipes at Rosario Beach. 1975 Mountain Ash, page 47. [1428 views] Exploring on the beach. [857 views] Singing around a campfire at Rosario [613 views] Singing outdoors at Rosario.  Late 1970s [442 views] A building on the Rosario Beach Campus. [972 views] Scuba diving off the shoe of Rosario Beach. [979 views] Boathouse at Rosario Beach. [904 views] Construction on the Rosario Campus. [879 views] Reflection of the ocean and people in one of the Rosario buildings. [913 views] Looking over the the E.S. Booth Laboratory during the construction. Rosario head, Deception Island, and Urchin rocks are visible in the background. Looking southwest over Rosario straight. [953 views] The Rosario Marine Station. [482 views] Scuba diving off the shore of the Rosario Marine Station. [441 views] The Rosario Beach Campus. [877 views] Construction of the E.S. Booth laboratory during the summer at Rosario Beach. [1111 views] Construction of the E. S. Booth Laboratory at Rosario Beach. [817 views] At Rosario Beach. [858 views] The Rosario Beach Marine Station from Rosario Head. [886 views] A small boat launch at Rosario Beach. [898 views] Rosario Marine Station [604 views] Sunset by the ocean. [859 views]
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