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Including animals, birds, and nature shots that could not be placed anywhere else!

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Lilacs. [747 views] Lilacs [804 views] Tree in full bloom [602 views] A sunset. [732 views] Scenery through a window. [1110 views] A picture of the outdoors through windows. [1228 views] A sunset. [1338 views] Snow on a fence. [1206 views] Scenery from a window. [1239 views] Pink flowers. [719 views] Looking at the sun in the sky behind some clouds [1127 views] A squirrel scurries across a campus wire. [1583 views] Walking through gardens [1179 views] Picture for photography class.  Looking through a hole in a tree.  1990s? [969 views] Northwest Face of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in California. [1330 views] Snowy picture of a tree with a "Yes" sign on it. [1146 views] View of a farm across a wheat field [1181 views] Dogwood flower. [1158 views] Bird feather on the grass. [1228 views] Canada goose. [1148 views] Sunset over the hills. [1210 views] Daisy flowers on the lawn. [1159 views] Waterfall in the woods. [1179 views] A wintry scene of the hills. Found on page 63 of the 1976 Mountain Ash. [636 views] Reflection of a tree in the pond. [800 views] Dandelion flowers in the field. [596 views] Sunlight through the trees. [681 views] Frosted tree in winter. [554 views] A broken tree limb lies on the lawn in front of Sittner East (now Meske Hall).  Rigby Hall can be seen in the background. [558 views] Close up of a horse. [511 views]
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