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Including animals, birds, and nature shots that could not be placed anywhere else!

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Summer [243 views]  [220 views] Snowy scene of a tree at the front of campus with the buildings shrouded in fog in the background.  January 4th. [234 views] rooster [218 views] Lake or river view. [215 views] Scenic view of a river [243 views] Scenic view. [212 views] Water ladder [232 views] Scenic view. [210 views] Scenic view. [213 views]  [219 views] Fish Pool and Rock Garden.  Class gift of 1930. [238 views] Fish Pool was class gift of 1930 [222 views] Photo of a horse. [247 views] Photo of a horse standing in the middle of a street. [282 views] Hell's Canyon and Snake River raft trip. [291 views] Camping [335 views] Camping [269 views] Lights illuminate a foggy campus on January 15th. [261 views] Walla Walla Wolves Women's Softball Service Day Project in March.  Viburnum flower. [164 views] Forsythia blooms in March [235 views] Tree that has blossomed in  March. [148 views] Ivy climbs up a wall. [73 views] Various telescopes. [58 views] A tree on campus. [73 views] Palouse Falls. [86 views] Stream at Wallowa Lake, Oregon. [78 views] Jubilee Lake. [88 views] Tolgate. [94 views] Upstream from Harris Park. [66 views]
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