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Group Candids

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Columbia Auditorium.  Possibly for a camp meeting or church service.  Sign reads, "Visitors please register." [982 views] A group sitting as on the stage in Columbia Auditorium; sometime in-between 1949-1952. [950 views] Men placing a beam in a building. [1544 views] The Sunshine Band. 1950s? [1024 views] College students interacting with grade school students? [829 views] A teacher with elementary school students in a library. [854 views] The Normal school playground. [737 views] The entertainment at a men's banquet. [772 views] A staff member and students have a conversation in front of Peterson Memorial Library. [974 views] A postcard with five students peeking over a hedge. [955 views] Speaking at a Bible Conference. [891 views] Students forming a circle in the football field. [819 views] A student meeting of some sort. [897 views] Taken for a Collegian article about a class trip with Dr. Loren Dickinson to Boston for a philanthropy conference. [1042 views] A demonstration.  The sign reads "Is there justice in our courts!?" [887 views] Jeff Horner, award winning photographer for the Union Bulletin, speaks to WWC photographers about the essence of good photos. [1008 views] Walla Walla College student body picnicking sometime before 1917. [603 views] Students having song service on a spiritual retreat. [893 views] Students having song service at a Bible conference. [1051 views] Children playing. [390 views] A group of people outside in the snow.  It looks like they are possibly eating snow ice cream. [922 views] A group of people out in a gathering possibly caroling. [832 views] Church members exiting the College Church (which is now Village Hall) on a rainy day.  Conard Hall (now Meske Hall) is straight ahead.  (The black car is probably a 1951 Mercury. In front of it is a 1952 Nash.) [858 views] A group of week of prayer speakers hold up the week's theme.  The sign reads "Prepare to meet thy God." [541 views] Two men shaking hands. [872 views] Students sitting, talking, eating. [908 views] Campus day picnic on the lawn in springtime.  "Gateway to Service" columns in the background mean picture was taken after 1918 [1076 views] Awards chapel. [977 views] Speaker at the pulpit, possibly church service, in Columbia Auditorium. [712 views] Sabbath school in session in the Columbia Auditorium. [809 views]
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