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Graduating Classes

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The Graduating Class of 1902. [1262 views] The Industrial graduates of the class of 1908.  They are not mentioned in the program so they may from a different years.  The sign above says "Forge ahead." [1019 views] The first three graduates from the WWC commercial program. [1099 views] Graduating 8th graders of 1923, with diplomas in hand, on the steps of their school. [1109 views] The first three graduates of WWC. [1363 views] The fifth graduating class of WWC, the class of 1900, was unusually large with 23 members. [1178 views] Graduates of 1903. [1222 views] The graduating class of 1909. [1555 views] Graduates of WWC; taken around the 1980s. [863 views] Graduating class of 1897. [766 views] WWC graduates. [616 views] Graduating class of 1901. [854 views] Last Industrial graduation class [668 views] The class of 1908. [598 views] A group of 1972 alumni. [940 views] WWC Academy Graduation. [828 views] Graduates of 1904 or 1905. [679 views] WWC Academy graduation, in the chapel in the Administration building. [800 views] A group of graduates. [728 views] Summer graduates? [817 views] At the time this photo was taken, this was the largest WWC class to receive Master's degrees in one ceremony.  Outside the College Church. [1041 views] Class of 1899. [886 views] Class of 1900. [777 views] Graduation ceremony. [766 views] Group photo with diplomas. [679 views] An early graduating class.  Picture has to be from 1903-1913 when Christiansen was here. [744 views] Graduation class on the front steps of Kretschmar Hall. [578 views] Class of 1904 or 1905 [741 views] Graduating class photo [743 views] Graduating Class [750 views]
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