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Annual faculty picture; taken 1905 or 1906. [1172 views] Faculty (?) on the lawn near the Administration Building.  Gateway to Service columns are seen in the background which was a gift from the class of 1918. [1422 views] Seated at the piano in the Fine Arts Center Auditorium.  Music teacher. [950 views] Biology faculty [872 views] Health and Physical Education Faculty.  Hepker and Gardner are Sociology Professors. [1173 views] Home Economics and Industrial Technology Faculty. Ladies are Home Economics and the Gentlemen are IT faculty. This picture was taken around a quilt that the Home Economics Club was doing as a project. [1173 views] Biology and Chemistry faculty in Rigby Hall [1343 views] Library and History Faculty in the periodicals section of the library. [1281 views] English and Modern Languages faculty [1259 views] Education, Psychology, and Curriculum Library faculty in the stairway of Smith Hall. [1036 views] Communications and Mathematics faculty [1232 views] WWC faculty.  Around 1910-1911. [740 views] Theology and English teach for 29 years [871 views] Group of faculty and staff outside Sittner Hall. [755 views] Theology and English teach for 29 years [440 views] An unidentified professor. [656 views] A group of faculty and staff in front of Sittner Hall. [855 views] Portrait of an unidentified faculty member. [730 views] Taking a photograph. [866 views] Poised to take a picture. [794 views] Setting up a photograph. [628 views] Taking a photo at the base of a tree. [703 views] Setting up a photograph. [602 views] Preparing for a photo. [752 views] Rock Shop.  Looking through an agate cutting. [674 views] Industrial Technology [675 views] Faculty Appreciation, flowers sent by a student.  April [924 views] Graduate of 1897 and art teacher 1928-1950. [455 views] Mr. Andrews was English from 1893-1910, then Normal school 1900-1901 [458 views] Academy teacher 1959-1964 [388 views]
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