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College Dairy and Farm

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old farm buildings on current college church site [278 views] Store workers serving patrons at the Dairy. [257 views] Steers and wranglers at college farm. [305 views] Cows by new barn [247 views] Agriculture.  A 1970s era John Deere tractor; could be pulling a pea harvester. [283 views] Packing up milk for delivery in March [275 views] College Barn, taken shortly before it was torn down, September. [251 views] picking cartloads of celery [190 views] A calf at Walla Walla College [185 views] The interurban line to Milton, Oregon on the right and the College farm to the left. Taken between 1910 and 1930. [57 views] The College herd. Taken between 1910 and 1930. [59 views] Walla Walla College Dairy cows. [120 views] A woman buys some buttermilk at the College Dairy Snack Bar [36 views] College farm. [9 views] College farm. [9 views]
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