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College Dairy and Farm

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Grazing cows at the College Dairy.  The gym can be seen in the background. [1358 views] Railroad by the College barn. [1220 views] The boiler, having been discarded, was located by the old barn and some farming equipment [1120 views] The College Dairy "Grade A Products" car. [1984 views] A milk truck at the college dairy.  Looking down 4th street [542 views] A display of ribbons and trophies acquired by the college at the Walla Walla Agricultural and Stock Fair from between 1918-1925 for the Holstein Dairy cow herd. [1534 views] A young man working at the College Dairy. [933 views] A man driving a tractor. [1191 views] Working at the dairy. This photo was taken for the WWC calendar. [1191 views] Barn and silos with the cow herd in front. [1024 views] The college barn and silos. [908 views] The north end of the barn. [847 views] North end of the barn with cows in front. [1181 views] Buying an ice cream cone at the College Dairy Snack Bar. Fall Quarter. [1321 views] Farming equipment. [1096 views] College Dairy? [922 views] Milking the cows. [1020 views] Farm Manager with the cows. [1039 views] Men with a cow. [985 views] Farm manager, with one of his prize winning cows. [893 views] Farm manager, with one of his prize-winning cows. [986 views] Cow number 950 [1036 views] A field full of cows. [923 views] Ordering a drink at the old dairy. [1048 views] Loading the manure spreader. [944 views] Milk delivery man makes his rounds. [1138 views] College Dairy Store in the 1960s. [1010 views] Milking the cows. [473 views] A man with a cow. [889 views] The College Dairy. [1064 views]
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