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Class Photos

The Junior Class as pictured in the 1916 Bulletin.  Administration building in the background. [702 views] A class portrait from the early 1900s. [608 views] Class of 1904 [530 views] Class of 1901 [587 views] class of ? [476 views] class photo [366 views] class photo [327 views] Female class photo.  Pre-1919 because the original Administration Building is the background. [422 views] Female class photo [344 views] Class photo, 1902 or 1903 [370 views] Class of 1910 on the stairs of North Hall of the Administration Building [576 views] Class photo. Early 1900's style. [582 views] Walla Walla College graduating class [538 views] Early 1900s class photo [455 views] Class photo, 1905-1911 [341 views] Class of 1900 [652 views] Hygienic Dressmaking class sitting on the steps of South Hall (Ad Building). 1906-1907 school year. [433 views] Home Economics Class [413 views] Greek Class, WWC in front of old Adm. Building [485 views] Class of 1915 [289 views] Class of 1914 [277 views] Home economics class [279 views] Group of Walla Walla College students  1909-1911, Marion Cody President [242 views] Group of students of Walla Walla College [222 views] Group of students [229 views] Group photo [245 views] Class of 1963 outside the library [212 views] Class of 1921. Taken between 1920 and 1921. [93 views]

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