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Chemistry laboratory. [1032 views] W.E. Nelson's chemistry class in the chemistry lab/classroom. [1018 views] Chemistry Class, 1913-14. [910 views] First chemistry lab 1911-12 [800 views] A student in a science lab in Rigby Hall. [858 views] A sink in the science lab. [750 views] Two students in lab. [787 views] A professor writing on the blackboard while giving a lecture in Organic Chemistry [413 views] A science professor demonstrates for two students in a Rigby lab. [1017 views] A professor demonstrates lab procedure to a student. [991 views] Glass chemistry bottles. [343 views] Professor Bowers and students in a chemistry lab. [717 views] A science lab. [805 views] Four Chemistry professors carrying boxes out of Bowers Hall during the Chemistry Department's move to Rigby Hall. [935 views] Chemistry test tube half full with liquid. [829 views] Sitting in a Rigby Hall laboratory. [737 views] Individual photo in the Rigby Hall laboratory. [654 views] Working in the chemistry lab. [580 views] Professor instructing a chemistry class in Bowers Hall. 1960s? [855 views] Professor in the chemistry lab. [809 views] Hard at work in the chemistry lab in Bowers Hall. [644 views] Associate Professor of Chemistry on the telephone. Mountain Ash pg 152, 1970. [874 views] Student chatting in lab. [682 views] Hard at work in chemistry lab. [663 views] Working in the Chemistry Lab. [723 views] Working in the chemistry lab. [640 views] Chemistry Lab in April [789 views] Chemistry.  Watching an experiment. [554 views] Chemistry. [703 views] Chemistry Bomb Squad who removed materials from Bowers Hall in June. [965 views]
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