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Buildings on Campus

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View of College Place and the Administration Building from Ford Hill.  Pre-1919 fire. [1477 views] Sanitarium, ?, Administration building, and Normal building. [1234 views] The Normal Building that was originally next to the Administration Building (where the FAC is now). [915 views] The first laboratory building. [924 views] The Upper Columbia Conference building on 6th St. in College Place; built by Sam Hanson.  Now called Haffner House. [1012 views] The different buildings on the Walla Walla College Campus: Johnston Music Conservatory, Normal school, Gymnasium, Administration building, Home Economics, church (now Village Hall), Bowers hall, and the Sanitarium. [1118 views] Normal school building [746 views] A student seated at an open window. [921 views] Left to right: porch of the Normal building, Administration Building, and the Sanitarium. [912 views] A night view of a dormitory. [1056 views] WWC Academy [913 views] This building was remodeled in 1914 to become the WWC Store on the southwest corner of 3rd and College Ave. [995 views] looking down the stepping stones, through the garden at the gymnasium. [960 views] The college garage and Shell station.  1940s.  Sign on the pole says "W Pine St" [1142 views] "Vet's" housing, now torn down, was built for WWII veterans. By the early 1980's the floors were no longer flat, but were so warped, it felt like walking across ocean swells. [1114 views] A firefighter sprays water on an old college office building. [979 views] Model of the Walla Walla health foods store and the print shop. [1026 views] View of dorm washroom facilities. [660 views] View of a dorm room. [752 views] View from inside a student's dorm room. [598 views] Students leaving a dorm room. [881 views] Johnson Hall, Music conservatory [806 views] Union Hall was built in 1906 as the original Normal Building.  It was located were Foreman Hall now resides and was removed in 1970. [723 views] The health clinic. [922 views] A photo of West Hall on what is now Centennial Green.  This was a dormitory for the boys from 1939-1947.  The library can be seen in the background. [1171 views] Step stones to a garden that looks over the gymnasium and Bowers Hall. [1124 views] Fighting a fire (or training) on the old gym.  The Administration Building can be seen to the right and the power plant to the left. [673 views] Some off campus student housing. [1328 views] Hallmark apartments on North College Ave. [833 views] People leaving the Johnson Music Conservatory under umbrellas on a rainy day. [639 views]
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