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View of College Place looking southeast from the Administration Building. [1053 views] College Place from the belfry of the Administration Building looking SE.  Taken before 1940, possibly the 1930s. [1032 views] A college pennant: "'31 WWC Collegian" [890 views] Three unidentified men. [830 views] Three men working. [889 views] Woman standing in a field behind a house [286 views] Woman standing outside near some trees [415 views] Group standing for a picture [335 views] Two women posing for a picture in similar garb [290 views] Woman standing against a wall [310 views] Woman standing outside [342 views] group on steps [308 views] man in garden [369 views]  [297 views] man and woman riding horses [328 views] man woman and dog on house porch [283 views] woman in graduation regalia [279 views] children at playground [334 views] woman behind house [293 views] man on porch [284 views] baby on quilt outside [348 views] two boys [257 views] three boys [370 views]  [312 views] two boys [257 views] three girls and boy looking around the corner [267 views] posing in graduation gowns [305 views] large group of children [278 views] group of children [271 views] children [272 views]
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