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View from the College looking toward the mountains. [1784 views] The old gas station with one gas pump out in front; possibly taken around 1905. [1310 views] Elder A. G. Daniells, the General Conference president, visited the campus in 1907 with former General Conference president G. A. Irwin.  They were guided around campus by business manager C. M. Christiansen. The driver of the carriage, a student, is Ross C. Patterson. [1176 views] Sanitarium Bread delivery team and wagon in front of the old College Store. [1244 views] Student body and faculty (1905-06) on the steps of North Hall (Administration building). [1194 views] College faculty that Mrs. Cady entertained; taken about 1908. Mr. Cady was not only the 8th president of Walla Walla College, but Educational Secretary of the North Pacific Union Conference. [1411 views] Faculty from 1907-1908, sitting on the boardwalk sidewalk. [1038 views] Ruby Owens (Hygienic Dressmaking instructor) and her sewing class of 1906-1907 sitting on the steps of South Hall in the Administration building. [1147 views] 1908 Graduates of WWC. [1366 views] Laundry staff during the 1901-1902 school year. [1457 views] The Sloyd (basket weaving) Class of 1906. [1110 views] Ministerial students of 1906-07. [1316 views] The ladies of the sewing department. [1008 views] Students on the steps of the North Hall of the Administration building. [1521 views] Students and faculty of 1903 around the stairs of North Hall (Administration building). [1238 views] Basket weaving class, early 1900s [578 views]  [519 views] portrait of a man [476 views]

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