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Description: The 1918-19 ministerial group on the stairs of the Administration building.

People: (L-R) Front: Overton, Oley A. Johnson, Frank S. Bunch, C. A. Burman; 2nd Row: Thane M. C. Innis, C. W. Kime, Ed Degering, Alaf Shaw, W. M. Ammundson, C. D. Overton, Reiher; 3rd Row: George Affel, C. E. Cautwell, R. Throcher, W. Belleau, Titus K; 4th Row: R. A. Bergim, George Leedy, H. Rudy, (?), (?), Allen Smithwick; 5th Row: Herman Sittner, A. Kruger, (?), (?). And Ernest Hanson, Willy Westerhoul, R. Allen Smithwick, A. A. Olson

Year Taken: 1918     Photographer:

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