Chemical Abstracts is available at reduced fees through STN’s Academic Program. This program limits access by students and faculty of WWU to the following files: CA, CAOLD, Registry, and CIN (Chemical Industry Notes). The table below also indicates the time periods these databases are available.

This CAS Academic Program Account may be used only to provide service to WWU faculty, staff, and students for educational purposes. The account may not be used in the course of work provided for any outside organization, or to provide any search-for-fee service.

Since we pay per search fees, even though at a reduced cost, please be sure that you have identified credible search terms and have created a viable search strategy. For help in developing a search strategy, please contact a librarian or your chemistry professor.

CA, CAOLD, REGISTRY, AND CIN are available during the following time periods (Pacific time zone).

Days From To
Monday - Thursday 5 pm 5 am
Friday - Saturday 5 pm 3 pm
Sunday - Monday 5 am 5 am

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) is a division of the American Chemical Society in North America.

Proceed to Chemical Abstracts   Names and passwords are not needed.*
At the blue and white STNEasy page, click "Start Your Session" to begin.
Please leave the "Login" and "Password" fields blank.

* Off-campus users may need to enter a name and password in the Database Gateway page.

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