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Your Instructor mentioned in class that there are some videos in the library for you to watch. Most likely she put them into the Reserve Collection.

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What and where are Reserves?

Reserves could be anything (books, journal articles, DVDs, exams, study guides and other materials). The reserve desk is located at the circulation desk on the main floor in the lobby.

Instructors specifically select items for their class to use and put the materials on Reserve. This guarantees that all students in the class can have access. Your Instructor will choose the checkout time period, which can vary from two hours to seven days.


Borrow Reserves

Just stop by the Circulation Desk and ask for the item. If you wish to browse what is on reserve for your class, ask at the Desk and they can show you the complete list and can allow you to see several items at one time.

What if I'm not finished with it when it is due back? Don't be tempted just to hold onto the item until you are finished. Fines for reserve items are hefty and they add up quickly (hour by hour if the item is checked out by hours). Fine charges are listed in your WWU Financial Bulletin. Your best bet is to return the item and then check it out again later.


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