Does the library subscribe to a journal I need?

You found a citation to an article in one of the library's databases. But it didn't have full text. What can you do?

  • Even if the article is not in the database you searched, it may be in another database.
  • The library may subscribe to the journal in print or online format.

Below, you will learn how to search Journals A to Z to find articles or to find journal subscriptions.

Help me find an article

  • Go to the  "Title" tab in Journals A to Z. This allows you to search by title.  You can see the title index and you can also browse through the index by using the alphabetical links given.
  • If the library has the journal, it will appear in the list. Under the title, you will see links. The links will take you to an online database, to online access through the publisher, or to the library's catalog where you can find information on the library's subscription to the journal. Note dates and volume/issue numbers to be sure the article you are looking for is available.
  • If the title is a print subscription, go downstairs to the Periodicals Department on the lower level of the library. Most journals are shelved alphabetically in the department, but some titles are shelved elsewhere. So if you can't find the title, ask a staff member in the department. Photocopy machines are available to make a copy of the article.
  • If the library doesn't have the article you are looking for, you may also request it through interlibrary loan.

Help me find a journal

Sometimes your Instructor will tell you to read an article in a particular journal. Or you may just want to browse the journals available in your area of study. The library's Journals A to Z list

  • allows you to search for a specific title,
  • helps you browse journals by subject.
How do I search for a specific title?

Start with the 'Search' tab in Journals A to Z.  Select 'Exact Match'. Type in the title of the journal.  Be careful to put the exact title, otherwise it will not find it.

How do I search for journals by subject?

Start with the 'Subjects' tab in Journals A to Z. Choose a broad subject area from the dropdown menu. Continue searching within the subject until you find the one you want and click on it. Journals within that subject area will appear in a results list.

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