Search by Title of Book

I know the Title of the Book

  1. Go to the Walla Walla University Library Catalog.
  2. Select the “title” tab. This will help you search for the exact title of the book you are interested in.
  3. Type in the exact title of the book you are looking for. If the title is a long one, you may truncate it by searching for the first five or six words. If you are unsure of the “exact” title, you may wish to verify it or use a keyword search.
  4. Select the title to view the full book information. This book record will give you the call number and location of your item, as well as telling you the status, whether it is available to be checked out.
  5. Go to the library to pick up the book. If the book is at another campus, listed as off site, or currently checked out, you may place a request/hold on the item by selecting the “Request Item” button. Off site items that are available will typically be available to pick up within 24 hours. Items that are checked out will be available upon the items return.

What if the item I am looking for is not at the Walla Walla University Library?

Check the Summit catalog by selecting the “Search Summit” button from the top menu. This button repeats the last search you performed in the Summit Catalog. How do I Request Books using the Summit Catalog?

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Last update on March 26, 2008