How do I find my Item in the Library?

Look at the Location, Call Number and Status!Looking for Books in the Stacks

The location information for most books is College Pl/Stacks. This means that you will use the call number to help you determine which floor of the library you want to go.

However some books are located in Reference, Quarto, Special Collections, Juvenile, Off-Site or even in Portland or Montana! Think of the call number as being the ‘street address’ for the item. The “Location” information tells you which town you need to be in to find that street address!

Be sure to check both before you go up to the stacks to make certain you are in the right place.

This printable PDF guide may help you determine where the “location” of your item is in the library. Feel free to ask a librarian if you have any questions about where to find your books.

I have the Call Number, now what?

At the simplest level, call numbers run alphabetically and then numerically. This is the Library of Congress Call Number system Walla Walla University Library uses to organize books.

RN765 .P89 J789 2006

The first break, RN765, is made of letters and numbers. To find this call number in the library you would:

  1. Find the R’s (RA – RZ)
  2. Find RN
  3. Find RN700's.

Keep in mind that the numbers before the decimal point operate as normal numbers would – if you have 765, you would want to find the 700’s. If the call number above were RN7650, you would want to find the 7000’s.

If you need assistance, ask a librarian!

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