How do I find books in the WWU Catalog?

To find books in the Walla Walla University Library, use the Walla Walla University Library Catalog. You may search by keyword or Library of Congress Subject Heading.

I'm Looking for Books on ______.

It is recommended that you start with a keyword search as your beginning search. Additionally you may search by the title of the book you are looking for or search for books by a specific author.

  1. Enter the Walla Walla University Library Catalog. This searches books and other items available on the Walla Walla University campuses.
  2. Enter keywords. The default catalog search is a keyword search. This search looks for the terms you enter as keywords in the title, table of contents, notes, and other information about the book.
  3. Separate keywords using the word ‘and’. This term, known as a Boolean operator, helps the library catalog better perform your search.
  4. Select a title. Selecting a title from the result list allows you to see location information for the item.

TIP! If you look under "Find Similar Items", you will see the Library of Congress Subject Headings for the book. These vocabulary terms will take you to other books about similar topics to the item you’ve found.

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