How do I find items in the Summit Catalog?

The Summit Catalog searches primarily by keyword, although title, author, and subjects may be searched under Advanced Search options. To search Summit library holdings visit the Summit Catalog.

  1. Type in your keywords (or select Advanced search to type title, author, or subject information).
  2. From the drop down box select Summit (the default is WorldCat Libraries).
  3. After you perform a search you may wish to narrow item time to books. You may do this by selecting 'Books' from the left hand column on the search results page.

Advanced search help is available at the Summit site.

How do I request a Summit Item?

Requesting Summit items is a very simple process.

  1. Select the "Request this item" link inside the Summit Catalog.
  2. Select Walla Walla University from your list of institutions.
  3. Fill out your university login information including firstname.lastname and the password you use to access your computer account on campus. 

You will receive a confirmation saying the item has been requested. Most items take four to five days to arrive at the Circulation Desk. An email will be sent when the item arrives or you can check your library account to view the item's status.

How do I know where the item is?

To see what member institutions own an item view the information under "Borrow or obtain a copy". Summit libraries will show up. If Walla Walla University owns an item you may select "check availability for this item" and it will show you the location and call number information.

Can I search only Walla Walla University items?

At this time it is not possible to search Summit only for Walla Walla University items. If you are looking for local items, you will want to search the Walla Walla University Library Catalog.

How do I create a password/PIN (password/personal identification number)?

A password or PIN will be necessary to see when your Summit and Walla Walla University items are due back.

  1. Go to the login page.
  2. Enter your name and ID number. Leave the password/PIN blank. Enter.
  3. Enter your password/PIN twice. It may be any combination of numbers and letters.

You should now be able to use your library account and request items from Summit.

Page maintained by Sid Nash
Last update on July 26, 2010