Librarians are available to provide personal assistance during Library hours and via email.

Main Phone Number: 509-527-2134

CLEAR: Center for Library Education and Research

Dean of Library Services Librarian509-527-2107Carolyn Gaskell
Education Services (CLEAR) Librarian509-527-2169Annette Melgosa
Public Services & Resource Sharing Mgr.509-527-2191Andra Aaby
Faculty Liaison & Outreach Services (CLEAR)  Librarian509-527-2684Richard Scott
Periodicals Specialist509-527-2538Carol Lindsey
Research Services (CLEAR) Librarian509-527-2153Christy Scott
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Specialist509-527-2673Andra Aaby
Collection Management & Systems Librarian 509-527-2203Mark Copsey
Collection Mgmt. Specialist & Archives Manager509-527-2527Brooke Davey
Acquisitions Specialist509-527-2242June Waggoner
Library Systems Manager509-527-2032Sid Nash
Billings Library Research Consultant406-254-9907Sandy Pena
Missoula Library Research Consultant406-829-1495Jannetta Meharry
Portland School of Nursing Librarian503-251-6115 ext 7306Bruce McClay
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