The WWU Library Special Collections is a limited access area that houses several small collections of works. These collections include, but are not limited to:

  • Items related to the history and beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, including a variety of Ellen G. White materials
  • Rare and/or valuable materials
  • Materials too fragile for the circulating collection
  • Bibles of historical interest

The mission of Special Collections is to acquire, organize, preserve, and make available the above items. Use of these items is limited to a specific area in the library's Technical Services Dept. and can only be accessed by appointment. The items may be available for photocopying, but cannot be checked out.

Hours:   Mon.   8am to Noon, 1pm to 5pm
                   Tues.   8am to Noon, 1pm to 5pm
                   Wed.   8am to Noon, 1pm to 2pm
                   Thurs. 8am to Noon, 1pm to 5pm
                   Fri.       8am to Noon
                   Closed Sabbath and Sunday

Contacts:  Mark Copsey (509)527-2203

                         Brooke Davey (509)527-2527


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