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NAD Standards for Mathematics K-8

Common Core Standards

State of Washington OSPI

     Mathematics Standards  

     Educational Technology Standards

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics


INTERNET RESOURCES: - SDA standards and resource links

Education World: Math Center



Research Central - instructions for finding a borrowing books from other libraries through Summit.



Professional Literature IM/PL 372.7 - Books about how to teach math

Textbooks IM/TB 372.73 - K-8 textbook samples

     SDA recommended series:

            GoMath 372.73 H8142 for grades 1-6

            Big Ideas Math 372.73 B48 for grades 6-8


Children's Literature

File folder, envelope, and baggie games - click on "Subject" to sort for math

Room 310 - manipulatives and games for hands-on activities.

SDA curriculum guide for mathematics - paper copy on reserve.

Small Kits - boxed ideas for lesson plans, see Room 310 link.

Die cutter and dies - use this cutting tool to make games, flashcards, arrays. List of Dies

Publishing station - create professional looking flashcards, games, and worksheets, etc. in color.  Cost is 20 cents per printout.

Puppets - create short dialogs between puppets to explain new concepts. Use with the math animal series by Ann Whitehead Nagda.




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