IM 362.7 K881 Krementz, Jill How It Feels to Be Adopted
IM 362.734 R631 Rogers, Fred Adoption
IM 362.734 Sch95 Schwartz, Petty Carolyn’s Story
IM 813 B625 s Blue, Rose Seven Years from Home
IM 813 D741 Doss, Helen Brother the Size of Me
IM 813 H832 h Howard, Ellen Her Own Song
IM 813 L356 o Lattimore, Eleanor Chinese Daughter
IM JL B886 j Bunting, Eve Jin Woo
IM JL F829 Fowler, Susi Gregg When Joel Comes Home
IM JL R722 b Rosen, Michael J. Bonesy and Isabel
WRW 4-8 J6443 Johnston, Norma To Jess, with Love and Memories
WRW 4-8 T364 w Thomas, Joyce Carol Water Girl
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