Jesus Heals a Woman’s Daughter  (Matt. 15:21-28; Mark 7:24-30)

by Franice Stirling

Puppet:  Dog

Props:  Small table and bread crumbs


Dog is sitting under the table looking up hopefully.  Some crumbs fall on the floor and it quickly eats them up.


DOG:  I just love meal time.

NARRATOR:  Of course, you get a nice bowl of food.

DOG:  Oh, that is nice, but I was referring to when the children eat.

NARRATOR:  Why do you like when the children eat?

DOG:  They are messy.

NARRATOR:  That sound disgusting, not nice.

DOG:  I think it is nice.  They spill, they drop, and they make crumbs - all over the floor.

NARRATOR:  Oh, I see.  And you are there to clean up the messes.

DOG:  Right.  And some of their messes are very tasty. 

NARRATOR:  Well, I guess dogs have been doing that job for a long time.

DOG:  Thousands of years, in fact.  Do you remember the woman who wanted Jesus to heal her demon-possessed daughter?

NARRATOR:  At first Jesus didn’t say anything.

DOG:  His disciples begged him to send her away, but he didn’t.  He said he was only sent to the people of Israel.

NARRATOR:  Then the woman fell on her knees at his feet and begged for help.

DOG:  Jesus pretended to be gruff.  He said, “I can’t take the children’s bread and throw it to their dogs.”

NARRATOR:  The disciples thought the woman was like a dog and only Jews should get the special miracles that Jesus performed.

DOG:  The woman wasn’t put off, though.  She said, “The little dogs get the crumbs that the children drop.”

NARRATOR:  I can imagine Jesus smiled at that reply.

DOG:  Jesus told her that she had great faith and her daughter was healed.

NARRATOR:  And her daughter was healed that very moment.

DOG:  Oops!  I just love meal time.


Narrator could be a person or another animal.

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