Kindle E-Readers

The Kindle Paperwhite E-Readers may be checked out by WWU faculty, staff, or students, with a valid ID card.  A signed borrower's agreement must be on file.  These titles are currently loaded on the readers.

Cesar, Stanley Twenty-Four Vincent van Gogh's Paintings (Collection) for Kids Art
Cesar, Stanley Twenty-Four Leonardo da Vinci's Paintings (Collection) for Kids Art
Cesar, Stanley Twenty-Four Claude Monet's Paintings (Collection) for Kids Art
Cesar, Stanley Twenty-Four Pierre-Auguste Renoir's Paintings (Collection) for Kids Art
Cesar, Stanley Twenty-Four Pablo Picasso's Paintings (Collection) for Kids Art
Cesar, Stanley Twenty-Four Paul Gauguin's Paintings (Collection) for Kids Art
Cesar, Stanley Twenty-Four Mary Cassatt's Paintings (Collection) for Kids Art
Cesar, Stanley Twenty-Four Rembrandt's Paintings (Collection) for Kids Art
Bee, Eddie Orangey the Goldfish Easy
Horlock, Rob Dog Who Watched TV Easy
Jones, Melissa Children's Virtues, K Is for Kindness Easy
Overton, Hollyn How Do You Feel? Easy
Raymond, Lynda Silly Pants Rides on a Plane Easy
Shay-Zapien, Tom Bell's Big Move Easy
Stirling, Franice Carney T.J.'s Puppy Easy
Swain, D. C. How Oakley Lost His Spots Easy
Aesop What the Fox Learnt Literature
Andersen, Hans Christian Ugly Duckling Literature
Burnett, Frances Hodgson Secret Garden Literature
Burnett, Frances Jodgson Little Lord Fauntleroy Literature
Delaware, Michael Outdoors with Charley Literature
Isenhoff, Michelle Song of the Mountain Literature
Neville, Emily It’s Like This, Cat Literature
Potter, Beatrix Collection of Beatrix Potter Stories Literature
Stevenson, Robert Louis Child's Garden of Verses Literature
Swell, Anna Black Beauty Literature
Tara, D. R. Adventure of Jack Literature
Dempsey, Lynn Numbers! Take the Dog Out Math
Stanek, Robert Buster's Undersea Counting Expedition 1-10 Math
Streza, Katrina Math Candy Math
Hopkins, Mary Rice Come Back Home Religion
Isenhoff, Shell Little Brown Sparrow Religion
Mauss, Doug, ed. Action Bible Easter Story Religion
Alexander, Caitlind Armadillos Science
Annett, Leanne Sloths Science
Child, Emma Sharks Science
Eade, Kenneth A, Bee, See Science
Jones, Spencer Red Panda Science
Kuffner, Trish Fitness Fun Busy Book Science
Marbury, Ritchey Bogart the Camel Science
O'Boylan, Betty Amazing World of Owls Science
Olivadoti, Melissa Sloth Book Science
Satori, Breanne Monkeys (Did You Know) Science
Stirling, Franice Carney Frog News Science
Stirling, Franice Carney Orangutans Science
Wolff, Becky Armadillos Science
Fox, Dave What Kind of Dog Is That? Social Studies
Isenhoff, Michelle Candle Star Social Studies
Ingram, C. Kevin and Kizmo Visit Japan Social Studies
Kelman, Aleister Kids Meet Japan Social Studies
Smith, Jacob Gold Rush California Social Studies
Barker, Harry S Is for Soccer Sports
Brooks, Matt World Cup for Kids Sports
Brown, Andrew World Cup, a Kid’s Book Sports
Harper, Matthew FIFA World Cup Sports
Harper, Matthew NFL Sports
Riley, Kevin World Cup for Children Sports
Walker, Brian Best Soccer Players in History Sports
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