World War II

Call Number Author Title Place
IM 741.9 V88 Volavkova, Hana I Never Saw Another Butterfly Europe, Jews
IM 813 An24 Anderson, Margaret Searching for Shona Europe
IM 813 B541 Bishop, Claire Twenty and Ten Europe, Jews
IM 813 D1375 Dahlberg, Maurine F. Play to the Angel Europe
IM 813 D369h DeJong, Meindert House of Sixty Fathers China
IM 813 G236 Gallico, Paul Snow Goose Europe
IM 813 H298 Hautzig, Esther Endless Steppe Europe, Jews
IM 813 K463 Kerr, Judith When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit Europe, Jews
IM 813 K57 Kime, Dallas Run for Your Lives Pacific
IM 813 K889 Kreye, Eric Under the Blood Banner Europe
IM 813 L514 Lee, Milly Nim and the War Effort USA
IM 813 M249s McSwigan, Marie Snow Treasure Europe
IM 813 M46Ls Meader, Stephen W. Shadow in the Pines USA
IM 813 M715 Mochizuki, Ken Baseball Saved Us USA
IM 813 P276b Patt, Beverly Best Friends Forever USA
IM 813 P756b Polacco, Patricia Butterfly Europe, Jews
IM 813 Sa14 Sachs, Marilyn Pocket Full of Seeds Europe
IM 813 Uc4 Uchida, Yoshiko Journey Home USA
IM 940.53 Ad19 Adams, Simon World War II
IM 940.53 Am18 Ambrose, Stephen E. Good Fight
IM 940.53 B413 Bell-Rehwoldt, Sh. Great World War II Projects USA
IM 940.53 C577 Colman, Penny Rosie the Riveter USA
IM 940.53 C786 Cooper, Michael L. Remembering Manzanar USA
IM 940.53 K581 King, David C. World War II Days USA
IM 940.53 L578 Levine, Karen Hana’s Suitcase Europe, Jews
IM 940.53 M715 Mochizuki, Ken Passage to Freedom Europe, Japanese
IM 940.53 R824 Rubin, Susan Goldman Cat with the Yellow Star Europe, Jews
IM 940.53 Rubin, Susan Goldman Fireflies in the Dark Europe, Jews
IM 940.53 T142 Talbott, Hudson Forging Freedom Europe, Jews
IM 940.53 T835 Tunnell, Michael O. Children of Topaz USA
IM 940.53 W442 Welch, Catherine A. Children of the Relocation Camps USA
IM 940.54 Sk36 Skipper, G. C. Battle of Midway Pacific
IM 940.54 Sk36s Skpper, G. C. Submarines in the Pacific Pacific
IM 940.54 T364 Thomas, Lowell These Men Shall Never Die Biographies
IM 940.547 D291 Davis, Daniel Behind Barbed Wire USA
IM 941.08 Se48 Selbert, Kathryn War Dogs, Churchill & Rufus England
IM 943 Sh65 Shirer, William Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler Europe
IM 943 T835 Tunnell, Michael O. Candy Bomber Germany
IM 973.9 W595 Whitman, Sylvia V Is for Victory USA
IM B F851 Frank, Anne Ann Frank, the Diary of a Young Girl Europe, Jews
IM B Os7r Ruffo, Vinnie Behind Barbed Wire China
IM B R723f Friedman, Laurie Angel Girl Europe, Jews
IM JL B886so Bunting, Eve So Far from the Sea USA
IM JL F6287b Fleming, Candace Boxes for Katje Europe
IM JL H463c Hesse, Karen Cats in Krasinski Square Europe
IM JL J63w Johnson, Angela Wind Flyers  
IM JL J894 Judge, Lita One Thousand Tracings USA
IM JL L516 Lee-Tai, Amy Place Where Sunflowers Grow USA
IM JL Sa99m Say, Allen Music for Alice USA
IM JL V286e Vander Zee, Ruth Eli Remembers Europe, Jews
IM JL W868c Woodson, Jacqueline Coming on Home Soon USA
IM/AL 813 D363 Degens, T. Transport 7-41-R Europe
IM/AL 813 P274t Patneaude, David Thin Wood Walls USA
IM/AL 920 Si15 Siegal, Aranka Upon the Head of the Goat Europe, Jews
WRW 4-8 D714j Donaldson, Margaret Journey into War Europe
WRW 4-8 H124 Hahn, Mary D. Stepping on the Cracks USA
WRW 4-8 H439w Hersey, John Wall Europe, Jews
WRW 4-8 K463 Kerr, Judith When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit Europe, Jews
WRW 4-8 L579j Levitin,Sonia Journey to America Europe, Jews
WRW 4-8 L955n Lowry, Lois Number the Stars Europe, Jews
WRW 4-8 M413 Matas, Carol Lisa’s War Europe
WRW 4-8 M829 Morpurgo, Michael Waiting for Anya Europe
WRW 4-8 N524 Nicholson, Michael Raoul Wallenberg Europe, Jews
WRW 4-8 P272s Patent, Gregory Shanghai Passage China, Jews
WRW 4-8 P813o Pople, Maureen Other Side of the Family Australia
WRW 4-8 R278 Reiss, Johanna Upstairs Room Europe, Jews
WRW 4-8 R278b Reiss, Johanna Journey Back Europe, Jews
WRW 4-8 Se55 Sender, Ruth Minsky Holocaust Lady Europe, Jews
WRW 4-8 Se68e Serraillier, Ian Escape from Warsaw Europe
WRW 4-8 Uc4j Uchida, Yoshiko Journey Home USA
WRW 4-8 Uc4t Uchida, Yoshiko Journey to Topaz USA
WRW 4-8 W251 Warren, Andrea Surviving Hitler Europe, Jews
WRW 4-8 W328 Watkins, Yoko K. My Brother, My Sister, and I Japan
WRW 9-12 F851 Frank, Anne Ann Frank, the Diary of a Young Girl Europe, Jews
WRW 9-12 H439 Hersey, John Hiroshima Japan
WRW 9-12 H533 Higa, Tomiko Girl with the White Flag Japan
WRW 9-12 H818 Houston, Jeanne W. Farewell to Manzanar USA
WRW 9-12 Ir9 Irwin, Hadley Kim/Kimi USA
WRW 9-12 N711 Nolan, Han If I should Die Before I Wake Europe, Jews
WRW 9-12 R319 Reuter, Bjarne Boys from St. Petri Europe
WRW 9-12 Sch39 Schloss, Eva Eva’s Story Europe, Jews
WRW 9-12 W52f Westall, Robert Fathom Five Europe
WRW 9-12 W52m Westall, Robert Machine Gunners Europe
WRW K-3 F761w Foreman, Michael War Boy Europe
WRW K-3 In55r Innocenti, Roberto Rose Blanche Europe
WRW K-3 T789f Tsuchiya, Yukio Faithful Elephants Japan
TB 372.4.43 L14f2 Flug, Arthur Story of World War II England
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