Washington History Topics

Native Americans

IM 398.2 L967 Luenn, Nancy Miser on the Mountain
IM 398.2 W582 White, Ellen Kwulasulwut II
IM 811.3 Se18 Seattle, Chief Brother Eagle, Sister Sky
IM 813 J133a Jackson, Dave Attack in the Rye Grass (Whitmans)
IM 813 M172 McGravran, Grace Yakima Boy
IM 813 Sh26 Shaw, Janet Meet Kaya (set of 6)
IM 913.73 St88 Strong, Emory M. Stone Age on the Columbia River
IM 970.1 W899m   Worthylake, Mary M. Moolack, Young Salmon Fisherman
IM 970.1 W899n   Worthylake, Mary M. Nika Illahee
IM 979.5 An81   Ansary, Mir Tamim Northwest Coast Indians
IM 979.5 B57 Bial, Raymond Nez Perce
IM 979.5 K129 Kamma, Anne If You Lived with the Indians of the Pacific Northwest
IM 979.5 K581 King, David C. Nez Perce
IM 979.9 R213 Raymer, Dottie Welcome to Kaya’s World
IM 979.7 N337m Nelson, Sharlene Makah
IM 979.7 Su76 Suguamish Museum Eyes of Chief Seattle
IM 979.5 V89 von Aderkas, Elizabeth American Indians of the Pacific Northwest
IM 978 M178 MacGregor, Carol Lynn Shoshoni Pony
IM 813 Sh26k Shaw, Janet Kaya series
IM 597 H327 Hayes, Will About the Biggest Salmon
IM 970.1 M199c McKeown, Martha Come to Our Salmon Feast

Compare with Indians from other areas.  Add books about crafts, foods, and famous individuals. 


Lewis and Clark

IM 812 B728L Bradley, Kathleen E. Lewis and Clark
IM 813 Eu17 Reeder, Patricia Seaman’s Journal
IM 813 K149 Karwoski, Gail Langer Seaman
IM 813 M992L Myers, Laurie Lewis and Clark and Me
IM 813 St76s Stoutenburg, Adrien Scannon, Dog with Lewis and Clark
IM 917.8 Ad59 Adler, David A. Picture Book of Lewis and Clark
IM 917.8 B625 Blumberg, Rhoda York’s Adventures with Lewis and Clark
IM 917.8 Ed96 Edwards, Judith Great Expedition of Lewis and Clark
IM 917.8 F466 Fifer, Barbara Going Along with Lewis & Clark
IM 917.8 H415 Herbert, Janis Lewis and Clark for Kids
IM 917.8 K919 Kroll, Steven Lewis and Clark
IM 917.8 P272 a Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw Animals on the Trail with Lewis and Clark
IM 917.8 P272 L Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw Lewis and Clark Trail, Then and Now
IM 917.8 P272 p Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw Plants on the Trail with Lewis and Clark
IM 917.8 P936 Pringle, Laurence American Slave, American Hero
IM 917.8 R615 Rodger, Ellen Lewis and Clark
IM 917.8 Sch16 Schanzer, Rosalyn How We Crossed the West
IM 917.8 St12 Staeger, Rob Journey of Lewis and Clark
IM 973.4 B625 Blumberg, Rhoda Incredible Journey of Lewis and Clark
IM 973.4 D265 Daugherty, James Of Courage Undaunted
IM B C549 w Wilkie. Katherine E. Will Clark
IM B Sa14 a Adler, David A. Picture book of Sacagawea
IM B Sa14 a Farnsworth, Frances Winged Moccasins
IM B Sa14 s Seibert, Jerry Sacajawea
IM B Sa14 se Seymour, Flora Warren Sacagawea
IM/AL 813 Sm64 Smith, Roland Captain’s Dog
WRW 4-8 Od2 st O’Dell, Scott Streams to the River, River to the Sea



Whitman Mission

IM 813 J133a Jackson, Dave Attack in the Rye Grass (Whitmans)
IM B W593d Daugherty,, James Marcus and Narcissa Whitman
IM B W593j Jones, Nard Great Command
IM B W594aL Allen, Opal Sweasea Narcissa Whitman
IM B W594b Brink, Carol Ryrie Narcissa Whitman
IM B W594e Eaton, Jeanette Narcissa Whitman
IM B W594w Warner, Annn Spence Narcissa Whitman
IM B W594h Harness, Cheryl Tragic Tale of Narcissa Whitman

Related topics: the Sager children, Spalding’s mission in Oregon.


Oregon Trail

IM 641.59 Ic3s Ichord, Loretta Frances Skillet Bread, Sourdough, and Vinegar Pie
IM 812 F468 Figley, Marty Rhodes Clara Morgan and the Oregon Trail Journey
IM 813 B977 Butler, Julia Singing Paddles
IM 813 C23 Carr, Mary Jane Children of the Covered Wagon
IM 813 C266 Casebeer, Fern Row Wagon Wheels to Oregon
IM 813 H428ja Hermes, Patricia Westward to Home
IM 813 H428jb Hermes, Patricia Perfect Place
IM 813 H428jc Hermes, Patricia Wild Year
IM 813 M381 Mason, Miriam E. Young Mr. Meeker
IM 813 M83   Morrow, Honoré Willsie On to Oregon
IM 813 M855 Moss, Marissa Rachel’s Journal
IM 813 V325b Van Leeuwen, Jean Bound for Oregon
IM 813 Y27 Yates, Elizabeth Carolina’s Courage
IM 973.59 AL54 Allen, Eleanor Canvas Caravans
IM 973.59 C783 Coons, Frederica B. Trail to Oregon
IM 973.59 St32 Ray W. Irwin We Were There on the Oregon Trail
IM 978 Er44 Erickson, Paul Daily Life in a Covered Wagon
IM 978 K126h Kalman, Bobbie Homes of the West
IM 978 L578 Levine, Ellen If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon
IM 978 M827 Morley, Jacqueline You Wouldn’t Want to Be an American Pioneer!
IM 979.5 F534 Fisher,Leonard Everett Oregon Trail
IM B W594h Harness, Cheryl Tragic Tale of Narcissa Whitman
WRW K-3 H764 Hooks, William H. Pioneer Cat
WRW K-3 M833t   Morris, Neil Tales of the American West
IM JL H158 Hallowell, George Wagons Ho!
IM JL H777a Hopkinson, Deborah Apples to Oregon
IM JL H777 p Hopkinson, Deborah Packet of Seeds
IM JL M956j Murphy, Patricia J. Journey of a Pioneer
IM JL V324 p Van Leeuwen, Jean Papa and the Pioneer Quilt


Alaskan Gold Rush

IM 813 Ar13k Aramini, Jamie Klondike Gold Rush [Adv. of Munford]
IM 813 C917 Cunningham, Alvin Robert Klondike Fever
IM 813 H777ka Hopkinson, Deborah Sailing for Gold
IM 971.2 J712 Jones, Charlotte Foltz Yukon Gold
IM 971.9 B462 Berton, Pierre Golden Trail
IM 971.9 G856 Greenwood, Barbara Gold Rush Fever
IM 971.9 M952 Murphy, Claire Rudolf Children of the Gold Rush
IM 971.9 Sh48 Shepherd, Donna Walsh Klondike Gold Rush
IM 971.91 M479 Meissner, David Call of the Klondike
IM JL L445k Lawson, Julie Klondike Cat

Compare with the California gold rush.  Add books about Alaska.



IM 338.7 G738 Gould, William VGM’s Business Portraits: Boeing
IM 629.13 G464 Glassman, Bruce, ed. Boeing 747
IM B B633   n Nelson, Sharlene William Boeing

Related topics might be air mail service, air planes used for war, manufacturing goods.



Grand Coulee Dam & Columbia River

IM 387.1 W433 Weintraub, Aileen Cape Disappointment Light
IM 627.8 G866 Gresko, Marcia S. Grand Coulee Dam
IM 627.8 J715 Jones, Fred Grand Coulee

Add books about other dams, other types of power generation.


Salmon & Fishing

IM 597.5 J236 James, Sylvia M. Salmon
IM 597 H327 Hayes, Will About the Biggest Salmon
IM 597.56 C675 Krulik, Nancy E. Magic School Bus Goes Upstream
IM 639.3 C756 Cone, Molly Come Back, Salmon
IM 970.1 M199c McKeown, Martha Come to Our Salmon Feast
IM 970.1 W899m   Worthylake, Mary M. Moolack, Young Salmon Fisherman
IM JL Su99 Suzuki, David Salmon Forest
WRW 4-8 C756 Cone, Molly Come Back, Salmon
WRW K-3 R251 Reed-Jones, Carol Salmon Stream
WRW K-3 T386 Thomson, Ruth Life Cycle of a Salmon



IM 630’s   Farming
IM 634.11 F229 Farmer, Jacqueline Apples
IM 634.11 M268 Maestro, Betsy How Do Apples Grow?
IM 634.11 Sn92 Snyder, Inez Apples
IM 979.7 L626 Liffring, Joan Mike and Dick on a Washington Apple Farm
IM JL H777a Hopkinson, Deborah Apples to Oregon

Add books about immigrant field workers and compare with farming in other states



IM JL R154f Rand, Gloria Fighting for the Forest
IM 577.3 P475 Pfeffer, Wendy Log’s Life
IM 674 M694 Mitchell, Joyce Slayton Knuckleboom Loaders Load Logs
IM 634.9 N337 Nelson, Sharlene Bull Whackers to Whistle Punks
IM 338.7 W732 Winslow, Mimi Loggers and Railroad Workers


Seattle World’s Fair

IM 381 L961s Lubell, Winifred Street Markets Around the World
IM 394.6 AL79 Alter, Judy Meet Me at the Fair
IM 630 Ea79 Easton, Patricia Harrison Week at the Fair
IM 725.97 D68 Doherty, Craig A. Seattle Space Needle
IM 725.97 Sp31 Spector, Robert Space Needle
IM JL C82w Cosgrove, Stephen Wheedle on the Needle
IM JL H251 Harshman, Marc Only One
IM JL L584f Lewin, Ted Fair!
IM JL L973 Lunn, Janet Come to the Fair
IM JL P2445 Peterson, Erica Daisy Goes to the Country Fair
IM JL St32 Steere, Jay Good Night Seattle
T890.2 1962.M6 (PML) Morgan, Murray Cromwell Century 21: the Story of the Seattle World’s Fair

Add books about different countries of the world, their food, customs, and products, county fairs and other fairs.  Add books about space exploration.


Mount St. Helens

IM 551.21 B743 Bredeson, Carmen Fiery Volcano, the Eruption of Mount St. Helens
IM 551.21 F976s Furgang, Kathy Mt St. Helens,
IM 551.21 L361 Lauber, Patricia Volcano, the Eruption and Healing of  Mount St. Helens
IM 551.21 R452 Riley, gail Blasser Volcano! the 1980 Mount St. Helens Eruption
IM 551.21 R893 Rusch, Elizabeth Will It Blow?
IM 813 K261 v Kehret, Peg Volcano Disaster
IM 979.77 N337s Nelson, Sharlene Mount St. Helens National Park
IM/PL 372.35  C723 Vancouver, WA Educ. Dist. Mount St. Helens Classroom Activities

Compare with other volcanoes and other natural disasters.



Bill Gates

IM B G223b Barton-Wood, Sara Bill Gates, Computer Legend
IM B G223br Brown, Jonatha A. Bill Gates
IM B G223L Lesinski, Jeanne M. Bill Gates
IM B G223m Marshall, David Bill Gates, Billionaire Computer Whiz
IM/AL B G223c Connolly, Sean Bill Gates

Add books about computers in general, economy, philanthropy.

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