Call Number Author Title
IM 582 B864 Buff, Mary Trees
IM 582.16 C273 Cassie, Brian National Audubon Society First Field Guide
WRW 4-8 C279r Castner, James L. Rainforest Researchers
WRW K-3 D737t Dorros, Arthur Tree Is Growing
IM 582 D865 Dudley, Ruth Hubbell Our American Trees
WRW K-3 F663d Florian, Douglas Discovering Trees
WRW K-3 F929b Frost, Robert Birches
IM JL G1315 Galbraith, Kathryn O. Arbor Day Square
IM 582.16 G116 Gackenbach, Dick Mighty Tree
IM 582.16 G313 Gerber, Carole Winter Trees
IM 585.2 V637c Hartesveldt, Richard J. Coniferous Trees
IM B Se72 h Hopkins, H. Joseph Tree Lady (Katherine Sessions)
IM 582 K162 Kauffman, Erle Kingdom of Trees
IM 582 K582 King, Julius Talking Leaves
IM 582 L629 Limbach, Russell T. American Trees
IM 582 L796 Locker, Thomas Sky Tree
IM 582 M314 Maniscalco, Joe Trees Every Child Should Know
IM 333.72 N649 Nivola, Claire A. Planting the Trees of Kenya
IM 582 Ou8 Outdoor World editors Trees of America
IM 577.3 P475 Pfeffer, Wendy Log's Life
IM 582 P679 Pistorius, Anna What Tree Is It?
IM 582 Q44 Quinn, Greg Henry Gift of a Tree
IM JL R154f Rand, Gloria Fighting for the Forest
WRW K-3 R662o Romanova, Natalia Once There Was a Tree
IM 634.9 R917 Russell, Solveig Paulson Trees for Tomorrow
IM 813 Se66tr Seredy, Kate Tree for Peter
IM 676 Sn92 Snyder, Inez Trees to Paper
IM 813 St47 Stevens, James Tree Treasure
IM 574.5 T393 Thornhill, Jan Tree in the Forest
IM JL Ud7t Udry, Janice May Tree Is Nice
IM 582 W379 Weaver, Harriett E. There Stand the Giants; The Story of the Redwood Trees
IM 333.72 W734 Winter, Jeanette Wangari’s Trees of Peace
IM 338.1 W788 Wittstock, Laura Waterman Ininatig’s Gift of Sugar
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