IM 266 N336 Nelson, Ruth Kipp Treasures of Taiwan
IM 720 K459 Kerns, Ann Seven Wonders of Architecture
IM 813 B732 Brammer, Deb Peanut Butter Friends in a Chop Suey World
IM 813 W95 Wu, Priscilla Abacus Contest
IM 951.24 B395 Behnke, Alison Taiwan in Pictures
IM 951.24 K581 King, David C. Taiwan (Enchantment of the World)
IM 951.24 M729 Moiz, Azra Taiwan (Cultures of the World)
IM 951.24 R956 Ryan, Michaela Taiwan (Countries of the World)
IM 951.24 T641 Touba, Jacquiline Taiwan, Lisa Lin's Painting "Making Mooncakes"
IM 951.24 W181 Wan, Vanessa Welcome to Taiwan
IM 951.24 Y9 Yu, Ling Family in Taiwan
IM JL C4205g Chen, Chih-Yuan Guji Guji
IM JL C4205o Chen, Chih-Yuan On My Way to Buy Eggs
IM JL L613 Liao, Jimmy Sound of Colors
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